Run to Fall 5K 2020 Plan

Considering the current climate as of July 2020, below is the approach for the 20th Annual Run to Fall 5K.  Please keep in mind, the safety of our participants and volunteers is paramount.  Social distancing and wearing a mask while not running are required. We are basing this approach on NH’s Safer at Home Guidelines for Road Races.  Each participant will be screened using the standard questions pertaining to individual temperature, contact with anyone who has had COVID-19, and travel using public transportation as outlined by the NH’s Safer at Home Guidelines.  Please keep monitoring this page as well as our social media outlets (FB, Instagram, Twitter) for regular updates.

Wave starts (most likely scenario) based on predicted times with NO race day registration.  Each participant will have to pre-register and will provide a “predicted time”.  Based on their “predicted time”, bib numbers will be assigned beginning with #1. All participants will be asked to keep all belongings in their vehicles to promote distancing.  Please note arrival times for your wave.  Please do not arrive earlier than arrival times. We want to preserve 100 or less at 1 time.  Waves will be organized as stated below:

Wave           Bib #s                    Arrival Time           Start Time

1                  1-30                        8:00 am                  9:00 am

2                  31-60                      8:00 am                  10 seconds later

3                  61-90                      8:00 am                  20 seconds later

4                  91-120                    9:45 am                  10:15 am

5                  121-150                  9:45 am                  10 seconds later

6                  151-180                  9:45 am                  20 seconds later

7                  181-210                  11:00am                 11:30am

8                  211-240                  11:00am                 10 seconds later

9                  241-270                  11:00am                 20 seconds later

No awards ceremony, with awards being mailed to winners after time merges of all waves.  Also, door prizes will be picked up at registration with the drawing occurring prior to race day.  Refreshments will be a “grab and go” situation available between the finish line and the parking lot as you exit the race. Please do not arrive before your assigned arrival time. 

If November 15th does not work:

Race Date moved to March or April of 2021. 

If COVID date does not work

Virtual Race